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Physician Targets Migraines with New Product: Migraine Proof

May 28, 2014

Akron, Ohio - Millions of people suffering from migraine headaches, menstrual migraines and daily chronic headaches now have a new treatment option to help with these types of headaches. A team of medical experts have developed Migraine Proof - a safe, effective nutritional supplement designed specifically for migraine sufferers.

Migraine Proof includes supplemental ingredients such as Omega-3, fish oils and Riboflavin and it can be taken with prescription medications.

In 2013 , long-time migraine sufferers, John Clark, MD, a cardiologist, and Lynn Urbanic, RN, teamed up to develop Migraine Proof. While conducting research, they discovered several over the counter nutritional supplements that were proven in multiple major clinical studies to affect the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches.

We successfully formulated the right combination of supplements in a single capsule and Migraine Proof was born,” said Dr. Clark.

Dr. Clark and Urbanic both started taking Migraine Proof and experienced great results. “We couldn’t believe it! Our need for prescription pain relievers is almost non-existent.” said Urbanic.

Migraine Proof is currently available at MigraineProof.com but it is expected to be available at some pharmacies this fall.